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Dayz H1Z1 City Radio playlist

Spotify playlist

This is a free playlist including songs for every moment in your Dayz or H1Z1 life. All titles describe very common moments or feelings of your game character. Hear the finest tracks on this week’s Dayz H1Z1 City Radio  playlist. Boost your game experience, enjoy!


 Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming

The data of Newzoo shows that the market for MMO games is growing in terms of number of gamers, share of people paying and money spent. However the number of high-quality MMOs has, and still is, outpacing this growth. Game and company revenues are therefore under pressure.

The history of MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games spans nearly three decades. Games such as Lineage and Kingdom of Winds dominated the MMO world towards the end of the millennium. This success was emulated by Ragnarok which boasted 25 million subscribers after its release in 2002. Ragnarok, produced by Gravity Corp. took Asia by storm. Maple Story had similar success. Games such as World of Warcraft, Aion, Rift, Everquest Online and recently Guild Wars 2 have attracted a vast number of active players.




Dayz game (MMO)

DayZ Standalone is open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO video game.

The game places the player in the fictional 225km2 post-Soviet state of Chernarus+, one of the areas hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. The player is one of the few who have survived and now must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding infected, and killing, avoiding or co-opting other players in an effort to survive as long as they can in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape.




H1Z1 game (MMO)

H1Z1 is a Free-to-Play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) created by a small development team at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) running the “Forgelight” engine (Planetside 2), allowing up to 2000+ players to play online in the same server on non-instanced action.

It is a hardcore game taking place in “Anywhere, USA”, is Open World and utilizes a complex crafting system.

In H1Z1 Players must fight in a world inhabited by humans and humans infected with the H1Z1 Virus, better known as zombies.

Your survival will be determined by your skills to stay alive, craft a shelter or base, start a fire before nightfall and gather resources like food and water, food and water could be the most vital supplies you can possess.

You are able to either fight or interact with other players, using trades or building teams. In an interview with Adam Clegg from SOE however, he said that unlike other zombie mmo games the main focus will be on surviving against the zombies through team-work with other players, and not mainly a PvP environment with a zombie backdrop. The amount of resources available to players have been announced on a live-stream to be limited.


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